The best places to live in North Georgia

North Georgia is a picturesque area filled with beautiful mountain ranges, calm and quiet waters, and tranquil forestry. The rich history of the area offers its own unique American history and the neighborhoods provide friendly, small-town hospitality. 

The homes found in North Georgia range from cozy, quiet cabins in the woods to large waterfront properties on one of the many beautiful lakes. Nature-lovers will have an easy time trying to find the ideal home for them in this nature-soaked slice of Georgia. 


Blairsville, Georgia, is the epitome of small-town charm. This quaint and quiet city has a population of just under 700 people and is one of the friendliest areas in the United States. 

The city of Blairsville is a part of Union County and is surrounded by mature forests, calm and cool lakes, and the spectacular Blue Ridge Mountains. This nature-infused section of northern Georgia is the perfect place for anyone looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of modern-day living and retreat to the peaceful quiet of the great outdoors.

Real Estate: 

One of the great aspects of living out in a rural area is the variety of housing types to be found. Blairsville has everything from humble cabins in the woods to expansive waterfront properties along one of the many winding lakes. Most of the properties found in Blairsville are settled on spacious plots of tree-covered land providing plenty of privacy to the residents. 

The cost of a typical home in Blairsville ranges from approximately $180,000 to $300,000 in the downtown area and surrounding neighborhoods. Blairsville is also home to some stunning mountain properties that cost between $600,000 to $2.5 million. 


The city of Blairsville falls under the Blairsville-Saltsburg School District. BSSD is a small school district made up of approximately 1,946 students. 

The school board also partners up with North Georgia Technical College and Young Harris College to offer a dual enrollment program for the high school students in the area, allowing them to complete college courses counting towards the high school graduation requirements. 

Schools closest to Blairsville are:

Union County Elementary School

Union County Middle School

Union County High School 

What’s Nearby:

Residents of Blairsville have access to a plethora of activities to partake in, particularly those of the outdoor variety. With Blue Ridge Mountains surrounding the city, residents have the opportunity for hiking, mountain biking, and camping while overlooking the gorgeous scenery of northern Georgia. 

Vogel State Park is another outdoor treat for the locals of Blairsville. This 233-acre park is one of the oldest and most treasured parks in Georgia. With miles of trails, beautiful campgrounds, and the stunning Trahlyta Falls, Vogel State Park is the perfect outdoor retreat for all nature-lovers. 

Downtown Blairsville is home to some unique shopping opportunities. Several locally-owned and operated boutique shops are available for perusal, many of which consist of hand-crafted, one-of-a-kind items and products. Of course, all the familiar favorites are just minutes away as well such as Walmart, Walgreens, and Home Depot.


One of the perks of living in Blairsville is the easy access to major roadways that run through Georgia. These include US-76 and US-19/129, making travel to nearby cities a breeze.

Nearby cities include:

Cleveland, GA - 31 miles via Gainesville Hwy S (31 minutes)

Dalton, GA - 75 miles via US-76 W (1 hour 32 minutes)

Ellijay, GA - 39 miles via US-76 W (42 minutes)

Jasper, GA - 58 miles via GA-515 W / US-76 W (1 hour 3 minutes)

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Young Harris

Young Harris is another small community in northern Georgia. With a population of 1,654 people, the city gains a large portion of its population from the local college, Young Harris College, which is located in the heart of the city. 

Another key part of Young Harris is the Brasstown Valley Resort located in the scenic mountains surrounding the city. This not only provides many job opportunities for the locals, but also draws in a great deal of tourists to help keep Young Harris a thriving economy. 

Real Estate:

Young Harris is mainly a renter’s town, what with the college students moving in and out over the years, but there is still a large section of owner-occupied housing.

These houses are typically two- to three-bedroom single-family homes, many of which were built in the more recent years. The median cost for a house in Young Harris is $265,000

There are also several empty lots available ranging between $54,900 to $119,000. These open plots of land are the perfect spot for designing and creating a fully customized home. 


Young Harris is a part of Towns County which falls under the jurisdiction of the Towns County School District. This small school board is home to approximately 2,410 students in Hiawassee, Tate City, and Young Harris. 

The three schools that make up Towns County are:

Towns County Elementary School

Towns County Middle School

Towns County High School

What’s Nearby:

The residents of Young Harris are exposed to some of the most beautiful scenery in the state. Surrounded by the Blue Ridge Mountains, locals take full advantage of the gorgeous views along the many hiking trails through the mountains.

Several options for enjoying the great outdoors includes Cupid Falls, Brasstown Valley Resort (which includes a golf course, hiking trails, and equestrian trails), Vogel State Park, Lake Chatuge, and Brasstown Bald (the highest peak of the Blue Ridge Mountains). 


Though Young Harris is in a more isolated region of Georgia, the access to major roadways allows residents to explore many areas surrounding their home. 

Nearby cities include:

Cleveland, GA - 37 miles via US-129 S / US-19 S (53 minutes)

Dalton, GA - 83 miles via US-76 W / Main Street (1 hour 41 minutes)

Ellijay, GA - 47 miles via US-76 W / Main Street (52 minutes)

Jasper, GA - 67 miles via GA-515 W / Main Street (1 hour 12 minutes)

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Blue Ridge

Located in Fannin County in the northeast corner of Georgia, Blue Ridge is a beautiful city named after the stunning mountain range that borders the area. This quaint and quiet city is home to a mix of young families and retired seniors. 

Blue Ridge is made up of gorgeous mountain terrain, quiet wooded areas, and soothing, winding lakes. The city actually has another (informal) name: The Trout Fishing Capital of Georgia. Between Lake Blue Ridge and the Toccoa River, Blue Ridge boasts of some of the finest fishing in the state. 

Real Estate:

The homes found in the rural neighborhoods of Blue Ridge are mostly small to large single-family homes ranging from single-bedroom, cabin-style homes to three- to five-bedroom houses. 

The average cost of a home in Blue Ridge is approximately $399,000. Along with the cost of the homes, residents are paying for the privacy that comes with it due to the spacious lots surrounded by beautiful, mature trees. 


Blue Ridge falls under the jurisdiction of the Fannin County School District. FCSD provides education to over 3,210 students residing in Blue Ridge, McCaysville, and Morganton. 

The schools closest to Blue Ridge include:

Blue Ridge Elementary School

East Fannin Elementary School

Fannin County Middle School

Fannin County High School

What’s Nearby:

Downtown Blue Ridge consists of many eclectic boutique shops. These shops include locally-crafted home decor items, furniture, and unique giftware. There are also diverse dining establishments including craft breweries and family-owned and operated restaurants. Downtown is also host to many different festivals and activities throughout the year, providing locals and tourists alike with countless opportunities for fun and entertainment. 

With the Blue Ridge Mountains surrounding the area, locals have the opportunity to hike and explore the great outdoors just minutes from their own backyards. The winding trails of the mountains offer up some of the most beautiful views in Georgia. 


One of the many benefits of living in Blue Ridge is the mix of rural experience and modern convenience. US-76 cuts directly through the city, providing easy access to many major areas in Georgia. 

Nearby cities include:

Cleveland, GA - 54 miles via US-76 E (1 hour 9 minutes)

Dalton, GA - 52 miles via US-76 W (1 hour 7 minutes)

Ellijay, GA - 16 miles via US-76 W (18 minutes)

Jasper, GA - 35 miles via GA-515 W / US-76 W (38 minutes)

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Hiawassee is a popular vacation spot located in Towns County, Georgia. Situated along the southeast shore of Chatuge Lake, many of the residents are seasonal; vacationing at their cottage or second home during the summer, and moving away again in the colder months. 

On average, Hiawassee is made up of approximately 880 people. The residents of the town are made up of a mix between young families and retirees looking for a quiet area to settle down in. 

Real Estate:

There is a wide variety of housing styles found in Hiawassee. Between cozy mobile homes, quaint and rural cabin-style homes, and grand waterfront properties, there is a design for all types in the neighborhood. 

The median real estate cost in Hiawassee is $290,000. Many of these rural homes include large, private lots surrounded by majestic oak and pine trees. 


Hiawassee is a part of the Towns County School District. This small, yet highly-rated, school board is made up of just three schools and provides education to approximately 2,410 students.

The three schools in the area are:

Towns County Elementary School

Towns County Middle School

Towns County High School

What’s Nearby:

Main Street runs directly through the heart of Hiawassee. Due to the high tourist population, Main Street is dotted with all the essential needs and services including grocery stores, restaurants and fast food chains, and medical services.

Chatuge Lake has a public-access dock for locals to take to the waters for a sunny afternoon. Visitors to the lake can partake in boating, fishing, swimming, canoeing, kayaking, and just about every other water-based activity. 

Bell Mountain overlooks Towns County and Chatuge Lake. For those willing to take on the steep slope of the mountain, they will be rewarded with the absolutely stunning 360 degree viewing platform that offers up the most spectacular views. 


Main Street, which runs through the core of Hiawassee, turns into US-76 which allows residents to easily explore other areas of northern Georgia.

 Nearby cities include:

Cleveland, GA - 30 miles via GA-17 S / GA-75 S (43 minutes)

Dalton, GA - 91 miles via US-76 W / N Main Street (1 hour 51 minutes)

Ellijay, GA - 55 miles via US-76 W / N Main Street (1 hour 2 minutes)

Jasper, GA - 75 miles via US-76 W / N Main Street (1 hour 21 minutes)

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Located in Lumpkin County in northern Georgia, Dahlonega is a thriving town that oozes small-town charm. This historic region of Georgia became well-known in 1828 as being the first site of a major gold rush in the U.S. 

These days, Dahlonega is known as the heart of North Georgia wine country. With multiple vineyards and five licensed wineries, Dahlonega is a wine connoisseur’s dream home. 

Real Estate:

The median real estate cost in Dahlonega is approximately $337,200. Many of the homes in the area are three- to five-bedroom free-standing houses. Plenty of these homes are located in quiet neighborhoods on the outskirts of Dahlonega. 

Due to the University of Northern Georgia being located in the heart of Dahlonega, many of the town’s population is made up of young adults attending the college, which means a large portion of real estate is made up of rental homes. 


Dahlonega falls under the jurisdiction of the Lumpkin County School District. LCSD consists of three elementary schools, one middle school, and one high school. 

The schools in the area include:

Lumpkin County Elementary School

Lumpkin County Middle School

Lumpkin County High School

What’s Nearby:

Dahlonega Square is the beating heart of the city. On top of the many boutique shops, diverse restaurants, and art galleries and studios, the square is host to several large festivals throughout the year which brings tourists from all over Georgia to contribute to Dahlonega’s thriving tourist economy. 

Dahlonega is home to some beautiful parks and recreational facilities. This includes Yahoola Creek Park and Playground, UNG Recretaion Sports Field, and Lake Zwerner, which consists of miles of scenic trails for hiking and biking. 

The rich history of Dahlonega has been archived and set on display at the Dahlonega Gold Museum. This building is one of the oldest standing courthouse buildings in all of Georgia and exudes the very manor of rich cultural history that the entire town represents. 


The proximity to major roadways in Georgia is a bonus for residents of Dahlonega. The town is located directly in the paths of both GA-60 (North and South) and GA-52 (East and West). 

Nearby cities include:

Cleveland, GA - 19 miles via GA-52 / State Route 52 (26 minutes)

Dalton, GA - 74 miles via GA-52 W (1 hour 36 minutes)

Ellijay, GA - 39 miles via GA-52 W (46 minutes)

Jasper, GA - 38 miles via GA-52 W (49 minutes)

Whether choosing the higher-populated Dahlonega or the tiny town of Helen, northern Georgia has the perfect, most scenic homes for anyone looking to settle down in the quiet and peaceful small cities that make up this spectacular area.

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