“Hi, Norm!” Well, maybe not Norm, but if you’re looking for the Cheers-kind-of-vibe, you’ll find it at Hayesville Brewing Company located at 516 Tusquittee St, Hayesville, NC. Probably one of the best local breweries around, we promise you won’t be disappointed. This little nugget is owned by a husband and wife team that really know how to get the most out of their hops!

If you are hiking the Appalachian Trail, biking in Jack Rabbit or traveling back from white water rafting in the Nantahala gorge, this is the best post-activity stop on your way back into Hayesville. Pair a cold beer with a Wisconsin Cheese board or their adult grilled cheese sandwich and enjoy the relaxing feel of the mountains.

Hayesville Brewing Company is a Clay County favorite so many of the folks are regulars, so conversation and laughter is never absent. Rumor on the street is that Hayesville Brewing will be moving locations to 1659 Old Hwy 64 E just north of downtown Hayesville. So, check the location before you head out! Cheers! Check out their Facebook page

Hayesville Brewing Company, 516 Tusquittee St, Hayesville, NC 28904, (727) 415-7530