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For those looking to really get away from it all, Blairsville offers incredible mountain-side properties. Incredible cottage-style homes can be found up in the mountains providing complete privacy, undeniable quiet, and fresh country air along with the most amazing scenery of both land and sky.


Gold is what originally drew settlers to come to Blairsville, Georgia.

The Blue Ridge Mountains were flush with gold back in the 1820’s, which quickly caught the attention of settlers looking for their new home. By 1832, Blairsville had become a small town, which they named after American Revolutionary War veteren James Blair, with a population of approximately 100 people, most of whom came to mine for precious gold.

The gold that came out of the mountains of northern Georgia was said to have been the purest gold or “the yellowest gold” to ever have been found.

The gold rush continued steadily on until about 1910 when most of the area had been picked clean and mined.

front yard landscaping and garden ideas

In 1922, a road was in development that would run from Cleveland, GA to the North Carolina border. Completion of the project occurred in 1926 and this road became the first paved road in the county.

The United States began to purchase large quantities of land throughout northern Georgia and consolidated it into the Georgia National Forest. This area was renamed in 1937, known to this day as the Chattahoochee National Forest.

Over the decades, the Chattahoochee National Forest has brought many tourists to the area and has become an integral part of Georgia’s tourism.

Northern Georgia was a rural and isolated area before World War II. In 1942, the Nottely River, which runs directly through present Blairsville, was selected as part of the Tennessee Valley Authority projects.

In order to form a reservoir to generate hydroelectric power, the Nottely River was dammed, which also created Lake Nottely. Doing this allowed electrification to be brought into rural areas and was instrumental in the development of Blairsville.

Real Estate in Blairsville

front yard landscaping and garden ideas

Blairsville provides the best of the best when it comes to peace, quiet, and comfort.

Residents of this area are privy to big backyards, plenty of uncrowded space, little noise pollution and virtually no traffic on morning commutes. The locals are also some of the friendliest people you’ll ever meet.

Blairsville is the ultimate getaway from the hustle and bustle of busy cities, allowing time to slow down, sit back, relax, and take in nature’s beauty from your very own backyard.

The cost of real estate property in Blairsville ranges from $180,000-300,000 for homes located near the downtown area and surrounding rural neighborhoods.

Looking up to the stunning mountains surrounding Blairsville, many cottages and houses go for much more.

These properties include outstanding views of the Blue Ridge Mountains, several acres of perfectly private, picturesque land, and gorgeous night-time views of the skies, completely open due to the lack of light traffic, revealing incredibly countless stars.

Properties like these range from $600,000-2,500,000 and are worth every penny just for the spectacular views alone.


front yard landscaping and garden ideas

The Lance Mill/Bethlehem neighborhood is one of the top-rated neighborhoods in Blairsville. The median real estate price in the Lance Mill/Bethlehem area is $273,914.

The average rental price is about $1,111, lower in price than 59.4% of Georgia neighborhoods.

Most of the properties in this area are small (studio to two bedroom) homes, medium-sized (three or four bedroom) homes, and mobile homes.

Most of the residents of these properties own their home and are notably made up of senior citizens making this neighborhood an ideal retirement community.

Another prime neighborhood is the rural City Center of Blairsville.

The average cost of real estate is $263,592. The average rental price is much lower than 98.4% of Georgia rental properties at $662 per month.

This area is made up primarily of small- to medium-sized single-family homes as well as some mobile homes.

City Center is home to mostly farmers, foresters, and fishers, many of whom are living out their retirement in this peaceful, quaint neighborhood.

Suches/Gaddistown is another rural neighborhood in Blairsville. The median real estate price in this area is $183,357 with an average rental cost of $1,146.

Suches/Gaddistown is one of the least crowded neighborhoods in all of America. If you’re considering living here, you must have a love for open space, no traffic, and quiet neighbors.

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So Much To Do

There’s countless outdoor and indoor activities to find in Blairsville and the surrounding area.

Due to its proximity to the Blue Ridge Mountains, many locals love to retreat to the hiking trails for beginner to advanced hikes or take a mountain bike through the winding hills to get some fresh air.

The calm, cool waters of Lake Nottely provides the opportunity to brush up on watersport skills such as paddle boarding, canoeing, or kayaking. Though the waters may be quite cool at times, it makes for a refreshing swim as well.

front yard landscaping and garden ideas

The Union County Farmers Market is a must for anyone interested in local produce and goods.

The market runs from June through October and is packed with stands containing the finest fruits, vegetables, hand-made decor and artwork.

Whether you’re looking for anything in particular or just out and about for a tour of the fantastic products available and a meet with the interesting people who sell them, the Union County Farmers Market makes for an incredibly enjoyable morning out.

Pappy’s Trading Post is located on the outskirts of Blairsville and has been a staple in the community for many, many years. This quaint and friendly shop is filled to the brim with antiques, furniture, and a variety of treasures to be found.

Pappy’s Trading Post is also conveniently located along a flowing river, providing perfect tubing conditions for their visitors. Spending an afternoon tubing down the river and then hunting for treasures in the shop is an afternoon well-spent and fun for all ages.

The Great Outdoors

front yard landscaping and garden ideas

Blairsville is home to Georgia’s highest peak, Brasstown Bald Mountain with an elevation of 828 meters. The peak is so high that on a clear day, the tallest buildings in Atlanta (100 miles away) can be seen from the summit.

The public are able to drive to the top of the mountain via Georgia State Route 180 Spur. The origin of Brasstown Bald Mountain’s name is quite unique. The area was originally settled by the Cherokee people.

When English-speaking settlers came to northern Georgia, they made an error in translating the Cherokee word for the village. The word used for the village meant “New Green Place” or “Place of Fresh Green” but was mistranslated with the word used for “Brass.”

Vogel State Park is 233 acres of gorgeous, well-maintained parkland and is one of the oldest and most beloved state parks in Georgia.

Hiking enthusiasts can explore a variety of trails, including the most popular 4-mile long Bear Hair Gap loop. Bear hair Gap is a trail fit for anyone, beginner or experienced, and follows the lake, leading to the breath-taking Trahlyta Falls.

For the more advanced and adventurous hikers, there’s the challenging 13-mile Coosa Backcountry Trail. For those who wish for a longer-term exploration of the park, many cottages, campsites, and “roughing-it” backpacking sites provide overnight accommodations for all levels of adventuring.

Vogel State Park sits on a 22 acre lake and allows non-motorized boats (kayaks, paddle boats, canoes, etc.) during the warm summer months.

Pristine, cascading waterfalls can be found all throughout the Chattahoochee National Forest hiking trails. Stunning views of flowing water crashing over rock makes for a romantic walk, opportune photography experiences, and family trips.

Among many more are the Helton Creek Falls, DeSoto Falls, Horsetrough Falls, and Sea Creek Falls, all accessible from various hiking trails, camp sites, and parks.

A Focus On Education

front yard landscaping and garden ideas

Education offered in Blairsville, GA is administered by the well rated Union County School District. A relatively small district, UCSD governs a total of five schools which serve students from Blairsville and surrounding areas. Classes are conducted from pre kindergarten through grade twelve throughout the schools, which are home to roughly 2,598 students.

Schools located in Blairsville are:

Union County Primary School
Union County Elementary School
Union County Union County Middle School
Union County High School
Woody Gap Elementary/High School

These schools offer excellent education options for students throughout the area, as well as many exciting extracurricular activities and enrichment programs.

There is one alternative education option within Blairsville, Mountain Center High School, which offers evening schooling.

Though not directly located within Blairsville, those who wish to pursue private education have a handful of options nearby. Schools such as The Mountain Area Christian Academy, in Morganton, Georgia, Eastgate Life Academy, in Hiawassee, Georgia and the Murphy Adventist Christian School, in Murphy, North Carolina are not far.

Arts & Culture

front yard landscaping and garden ideas

Blairsville, Georgia is proud of its heritage as well as its present-day residents.

The city puts a focus on remembering its roots as well as encouraging the budding artists and artisans currently living in the area. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a city with more pride and dedication than Blairsville.

Blairsville is home to The Union County Historical Society, which was established in 1976, and aims to preserve and promote the rich history of Union County.

There are three historic structures within Union County–the 1899 Courthouse, the 1906 Grapelle Butt Mock House, and the 1861 John Payne Cabin. Each of these locations is open to the public to explore and learn about the history and culture of each establishment.

The Union County Historical Society is also responsible for putting on the Mountain Heritage Festival, which hosts 180-200 artisans and crafts persons who come to demonstrate and showcase their work.

The festival also includes live music, wine tasting from the local wineries, and craft beer as well as, of course, an incredible variety of food from surrounding area businesses.

The Sundance Gallery is a local artisan shop located along the base of the Blue Ridge Mountains. There is a little something for everyone and for all tastes in this adorable boutique gift shop.

The best part about the Sundance Gallery is that everything sold there is locally crafted; from carefully-crafted pottery to one-of-a-kind jewelry to hand-stitched rugs, coasters, and so much more.

Restaurant and Shopping Variety

front yard landscaping and garden ideas

Hearty southern cooking is a staple in the restaurants of Blairsville.

True southern comfort food, most likely made from fresh ingredients straight from the farm, is never hard to find.

From rib joints to cozy family eateries, Blairsville offers up some of the most delicious meals as well as some of the friendliest service in all of Georgia.

On the outskirts of Blairsville, next door to Pappy’s Trading Post, is Granddaddy Mimm’s Distillery. Home to the finest authentic moonshine and newly-released vodka, a stop at this unique establishment is guaranteed to create lasting memories and perhaps a new favorite beverage to enjoy out in the beautiful sunshine.

Blairsville is decorated with a variety of unique shops and boutiques, many of which carry home-made, hand-crafted treasures.

The owners of the shops are incredibly friendly and are quick to welcome customers for a browse and a delightful chat.

The local grocery store, Sunshine Grocery, has been deemed one of the “South’s Most Charming General Stores” by Southern Living.

Shops stocked with clothing and furniture are also readily available in downtown Blairsville.

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